The Future of
Learning is AR/VR

Inspire Imagination & Stimulate Engagement


Put the World In Their Hands (literally)

Students can explore their world in a whole new way by holding holograms of the solar system, human body and hundreds of other objects in their hands. MERGE Cube brings STEM to life and gives students the power to create using augmented reality technology.

MERGE Goggles

Built to Last, Priced to Please

Made from durable, soft foam and easy to wipe clean - MERGE Goggles do what cardboard goggles and expensive game headsets can’t - last in the classroom. Built for the ways kids learn and play, these will be the last AR/VR goggles you ever need.

Watch our 8-story Drop Test

AR Creation Made Easy

MERGE Cube Support is Now Standard in CoSpaces Edu

MERGE Cube and CoSpaces EDU are redefining how students create AR and VR content in the classroom. CoSpaces Edu customers can update their Basic or Professional license plans to now create AR content for the MERGE Cube. If you are not a CoSpaces Edu customer, learn how your students can create AR content without any coding skills required.

Educator Resources

Tips and Tools for AR/VR Success

MERGE makes it easy for you to transform your classroom into an AR/VR learning environment.

MERGE in the Classroom

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